Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project (RRE Project) - Package1

Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project (RRE Project) – Package1

Project Overview:

Crude Distillation Unit Subcontract for Civil Works, Subcontract for Structural, Mechanical Piping Works & Subcontract for Building Works.

Civil works including piling, excavation, backfilling, concrete works, paving, roads, revamping, etc. SMP Works include Piping, Mechanical and Structural Steel Erection. Architectural works for Substations, Workshops & various Shelters including foundation, grade slab, superstructure, misc. Finishes, plumbing and cladding works, etc.




Project details
  • 43 months
  • US$ 97,879,480 (Civil), US$ 37,195,401(SMP), US$ 24,319,386(Arch.)
  • Ruwais,Abu Dhabi
  • SKEC ( SK Engineering and Construction)
  • P.O. Box 47467, Mussafah Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi,UAE
  • +971 2 554 6550
  • Sun – Thu 07:30 – 17:30